Trying times but happy times.

Coronovirus.  It has put our lives on hold in ways I never imaged seeing in my lifetime.  But here we are.  Panic and mayhem has tried to take over our world but I’m choosing to put faith over worry.  How about you? On a happier note… my darling son had his first word: “hi” along […]

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Happy Birthday and IVF Update

Our darling boy turned 1 in January and we enjoyed a fabulous birthday party at a local park surrounded by family and friends.  I kept it simple with hotdogs, hamburgers and barbeque… we had a blast!  He had no interest in the smash cake but we captured some great photos with lots of laughs and […]

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Update on You.

Thanksgiving 2019 you started crawling.  By today, December 28th, you are making your way all through the house like the great little explorer that you are.  You ate a small piece of paper this morning, much to my dismay, but you seem to be OK after that most unappetizing breakfast… ugh!  You have not been […]

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On Thanksgiving in Bethesda, Maryland where we visited for Thanksgiving, our boy started confidently crawling (for the most part.. ha!) at 10 months old.  Take-off from the sitting position was a bit daunting for him at first, but then he hit the ground running (err… crawling) and our hearts swooned.  The flight from Florida was […]

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Sick after a year…

So I gave birth to our son in January of this year and very proudly have avoided even the slightest hint of a cold in the months leading up to his birth and up until just this week.  I’m grateful for the months spent in good health and was reminded of our vulnerability when I […]

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Mommy Cliques. So this is a thing?

Ok. Here goes. So some fellow mamas mentioned to me in passing long before I became a mother than mommy cliques and general parent bitchiness, cattiness and probably several more “ess” behavior often accompanied this wonderful experience of mothering. Oh boy I thought, but brushed the comments off. Well here I am with my beautiful […]

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6 month vaccinations today!

So my son was scheduled for his 6 month vaccinations yesterday.  It was storming here in sunny Florida and I ended up being 15 minutes late to the appointment.  Guess what?  They CANCELLED!  I was stunned and beyond irritated but didn’t want to cause a scene since a pediatrician’s office is an 18 year relationship…. […]

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