Why is it that I always seem to discover awesome TV shows a few years after they have gone off the air?  The answer is simple really.  We don’t have cable.  We do however have Netflix and Amazon Prime.  My husband introduced me to Downtown Abbey, which I promptly blew through in 2 weeks of […]

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2 embryos are off for PGS.

Good morning!  It is a weary and chilly morning here in Florida, but by noon temperatures will reach 80 degrees.  It certainly doesn’t feel like November should.  I would enjoy a day filled with heat from a fire place, snow flurries and a cup of hot chocolate to stay warm.  But instead it will be […]

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It has been a good day.

Hello blogosphere!  We finished our 3rd and final round of IVF on Sunday and were thrilled that 9 eggs were retrieved.  I got a call today with the news that 4 fertilized.  I’m feeling very grateful because I have read about so many women not having any fertilize.  With each step of this LONG process, I’m […]

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Hello you. It has been a while, I know. I needed some time to heal, think, and re-charge my heart and maybe even my body. A brief re-cap (and update!) for those of you who have read my blog before. I will be 40 in April and have been married almost two years. I have […]

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Trying again. IVF Round 2.

It has been several days since my last post and has taken some time to sort through the disappointment and emotions that had flooded my soul after our failed IVF cycle.  We had six eggs retrieved, three fertilized and no normal embryos after the PGS testing.  It was a rough few days and I felt […]

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