Mommy Cliques. So this is a thing?

Ok. Here goes. So some fellow mamas mentioned to me in passing long before I became a mother than mommy cliques and general parent bitchiness, cattiness and probably several more “ess” behavior often accompanied this wonderful experience of mothering. Oh boy I thought, but brushed the comments off. Well here I am with my beautiful […]

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6 month vaccinations today!

So my son was scheduled for his 6 month vaccinations yesterday.  It was storming here in sunny Florida and I ended up being 15 minutes late to the appointment.  Guess what?  They CANCELLED!  I was stunned and beyond irritated but didn’t want to cause a scene since a pediatrician’s office is an 18 year relationship…. […]

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Where does the time go?

Our precious son will be 6 months old on Monday, July 22nd.  I’m sure as a mother, you too, have realized just how quickly life starts to pass us by once our babies are born.  I have tried to take in every moment, even on the hard days, when nothing could quite go right.  Yesterday […]

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Fixin’ his flat!

When our sweet boy was born, we only saw perfection, but after a month or so of 24/7 afterglow and utter adoration, I noticed the back of his head was a bit lopsided (yes, lopsided in addition to flat!). Ugh. What would this mean? We tried to keep him off of his back and do […]

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Goodbyes are never easy.

I’m reminded as I look through my past posts that I had previously mentioned our precious dog having cancer last year. I’m sad to say that after being treated with chemotherapy and enjoying 4 months of remission, we had to say goodbye back in October. It was painful and bittersweet time, as I was so […]

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