Exhaustion and cramps, oh my!

So I’m five weeks pregnant today.  Isn’t it too early to be experiencing symptoms?  I had to drag myself out of bed this morning and it felt physically hard to get up.  I got up and took our dogs out to go potty and then decided to lay back down for just a few minutes.  Two hours later I woke up out of a vivid dream and a mild headache that was setting in.  Quite frankly, I’m over these dreams!  The progesterone suppositories (so messy!) I’m on twice a day cause the dreams and I look forward to when they end.  I have to be on the progesterone for 10 weeks until the doctors are certain my body has started to produce enough of the hormone on its own.  This is a byproduct of IVF and having a frozen embryo implanted.   I have also been experiencing mild cramps for a few hours a day on and off.  I have tried to push though the discomfort sans Tylenol and so far so good.

On another topic, it’s confession time.  I love buying new clothes as we all do, but I also love a good deal when I see it.  The Goodwill store near our home (in a very nice area of town) has a newborn and maternity section.  I bought nearly a dozen beautiful outfits the other day for $1.98 each and they are all from Carter’s!  The one exception is the outfit I bought that is Ralph Lauren!  I was stunned and so happy with my finds.  They literally look like someone just took the tags off.  I will definitely continue my excavation at Goodwill over the next 9 months and hubby was pleasantly surprised by my finds too!  Please don’t judge gals!  Haha!

Our 1st sonogram is coming up and I’m praying after hearing a heartbeat, I will be able to rest in the joys of this pregnancy a bit more.  If any of you momma bears have any advice, tips or things to look out for… I’m all ears.

Wishing you a blessed journey wherever you are.


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