Our baby is the size of a blueberry! 7 weeks today.

Hello world!  I hope this message finds you doing well!  We had our first sonogram on Monday and boy was I a nervous wreck!  Our sonographer is nice but you can tell she should be considering retirement soon!  She was going through the motions and never uttered a “Congratulations!” or “You must be so excited!”  Ugh.  Just a reminder I guess that although this baby has turned my world right side up, we can’t expect that same level of excitement from everyone unfortunately.  Err.

So back to the scan.  I was literally in there for 5 minutes.  She said everything looked good and “measured appropriately.”  I could see the little heart beating (amazing how anyone could question the existence of God!) and the doctor came in and told me to drink a lot of water (not sure what that was about?) and that they would see me in two weeks.  If this next scan goes well then I’m done with the fertility clinic and will be transferred to my OB.  Yeah!

I will continue taking the progesterone suppositories twice a day (these are much preferred over a daily back shot in my humble opinion) as well as the estrogen pills three times a day.  As far as symptoms, I have had no headaches thank God.  I do have cramping on and off and it seems more prominent at night.  I’m going to the bathroom a lot but I have always felt like I had an over active bladder so that hasn’t been a biggie.  My boobs are sore on and off and fatigue is also not consistent.  Our son as of today at 7 weeks is the size of a blueberry!

Before I get to the “tips and other annoyances” portion of this post, I will share what hubby and I have planned this weekend.  We are flying to Maryland for a consultation with Shady Grove Fertility.  They are one of the country’s best and we want to go ahead now and prepare for our next steps after our baby boy is born in the spring of 2019.  We would very much like to have more than one child and since I turned 40 in April, we will not have the luxury of waiting for a couple of years.  If you recall from any of my previous blog posts, I’m pregnant with our biological child.  However the odds of me getting an genetically normal embryo with my own eggs is slim to none (after 3 rounds of IVF, we only got the one).  So we are going the donor egg route for siblings and after a tremendous amount of thought and prayer, I’m okay with it.  Shady Grove has a great program where you can choose the option that best fits your needs and it is basically guaranteed or your money back.  After dropping close to $60k already (insurance covers nothing), we want to be more economical moving forward with a higher chance for success.  I’m not endorsing Shady Grove by any means, but it may be something to consider (they also have a very streamlined system for out-of-towners).  We can’t predict much of anything in life, but we can plan, which I feel is wise.  Ideally, I will wait 5 months or so after our son is born and then move right into trying again.

Tips and annoyances:

  • If one more person asks me “are you excited?” and “is your husband excited?” I think I may scream!  Of course we are excited?!  Maybe I’ll start saying, “No, we are pissed!”
  • I get that people want t o share in our joy, I really do, but I’m in big trouble if at only 7 weeks I’m already getting annoyed by all of the silly pregnancy advice.  One friend told me to get rid of my “I can’t believe it’s not butter” because it’s bad for the baby.  Nope.  I will continue eating that and pretty much anything else I want thank you very much!  A few things I DO avoid: cured meats that haven’t been heated, unpasteurized cheese, sushi and I only have one cup of coffee in the morning.  I am careful, but refuse to get bogged down in silliness and the mayhem some people try to push off on me.
  • I’m an avid user of sunscreen and bought a good all natural product yesterday (Neutrogena).  You want to avoid anything with oxybenzone in it.  I have also ditched my fancy anti-aging creams in favor of good ole Pond’s Cold Cream.
  • For nausea, I mistakenly bought Ginger Ale.  After discovering it has nearly 30 grams of sugar per can, hubby picked up some Diet Ginger Ale.  I drink mostly water throughout the day, but if I feel nauseas, I give this a go.  It is caffeine free and supposedly ginger helps with feeling nauseous.
  • If you do feel nauseas (mine usually gets worse at bed time), I lay in bed with two pillows under my head and drape an ice cold rag on my forehead or neck.  It helps!
  • Since we are having a little boy, naturally the subject of circumcision came up.  I assumed this was a no brainer.  My husband (who is an MD), promptly put his foot down much to my shock and awe!  He educated me on it not being medically necessary.  I don’t have a strong opinion either way, but when he asked me if I would consider doing it for a girl, I had a light bulb moment!  So no, we will not be circumcising our baby boy and I’m very glad.  It’s a personal decision for each family of course and I’m sure my side of the family will be shocked, which brings me to my next bullet point…
  • It’s nobody’s business how you and your partner decide to raise YOUR baby.  We will be embracing this experience and deeply desire for our families to experience this joyful journey with us.  However, as much as people mean well, don’t hesitate to listen intently to advice, but also toss out anything that you don’t want without guilt.
  • I started walking again today on my treadmill.  Just walking without much heart elevation.  I admit that I love this relaxing time to veg out to some hip hop and rap (think Biggie Smalls and Tupac!).  I really want to watch my weight and not blow up, so I will work hard to gain no more than 30 pounds, which is plenty enough!  I will also start swimming next week, which will be nice since it’s nearly 98 degrees in Florida right now!

Well I guess that’s enough for now and I honestly feel a bit bi###y with some of what I shared, which may be a good indicator of the last thing I failed to mention… mood swings!  Be kind to yourself if you are going through IVF or pregnant.  As woman, I think we sometimes put pressure on ourselves to never offend or share how we are really feeling.  I don’t subscribe to that.  I want to be extra careful about being kind and respectful to my husband for example, but there will be tough days and we deserve an extra dose of grace as we walk this new normal for our minds and bodies.

If you are hurting, discouraged, hopeless or filled with happiness and joy, I hope you will rest in the assurance by God that he has this world (and your life) in the palm of his hand.  He IS working everything out for our GOOD.  Stay tuned for our next sonogram report and I wish you well wherever you are.

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